Double Charge Tiles for Your Business, Home Office or School

Double Charge Tiles for Your Small Business, Home Office or School
Double Charge Tiles for Your Small Business, Home Office or School

Double-Charge Tile System

The double charge tile system is a simple yet effective way to create a safe environment for children. The tiles are designed to hold two different types of chemicals at once, making them ideal for use in schools, daycares, and homes. The tiles are made of high quality materials and have been tested to ensure they meet safety standards.

  1. Safety Features

Each tile comes with a childproof cap that prevents accidental spills. The caps also feature a locking mechanism that makes it impossible to remove without using a special tool. The tiles are also equipped with a tamper-resistant seal that ensures no tampering occurs.

  1. Easy Installation

The tiles are designed to be installed easily and require little maintenance. Each tile features a built-in drainage hole that helps prevent water build-up and keeps floors dry. The tiles are also dishwasher safe, ensuring minimal cleaning after installation.

  1. Durable Design

The tiles are constructed out of durable plastic and are resistant to scratches and stains. The tiles are also lightweight and portable, making them perfect for travel and storage.

  1. Versatile Use

The tiles can be used indoors or outdoors. They are suitable for both carpeted and hard surfaces and can be used in any room where children play. The tiles are also great for use in classrooms, daycare centers, and homes.

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