Make a black and white mosaic wall!

This project is perfect for kids who love art and design. You will need some tiles, paint, and glue. Start by painting the back side of the tile with black paint. Then, use a sponge brush to apply the glue onto the front side of the tile. Once the glue dries, start placing the tiles on top of each other until you have created a wall.

  1. Create a black and white photo collage!

You will need some old photographs, scissors, tape, and spray adhesive. First, cut out the images from the photographs. Next, place them face down on a flat surface. Spray the adhesive onto the backside of the photograph and then stick it to the wall. Continue adding photographs until you have filled the entire wall.

  1. Paint a black and white mural!

Paint the wall using a roller and black paint. After the paint dries, add a coat of white paint over the black paint. Let dry completely before removing the roller.

  1. Add a black and white border to a room!

Use chalkboard paint to create a black and white border around the edge of a room.

  1. Hang a black and white curtain!

Cut out a piece of fabric and attach it to a rod. Then, hang it above a window.

  1. Create a black and gray bathroom!

Create a black and gray bathroom by hanging a shower curtain over the tub.

  1. Cover a mirror in black and white stripes!

Cover a mirror with black and white striped paper.


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