Transform the look and feel of your designs with these 25 free retro color combinations

Transform the look and feel of your designs with these 25 free retro color combinations
Transform the look and feel of your designs with these 25 free retro color combinations

1. Royal blue & peach (trending)

To start our list, we’ll go for a trendy color combination, royal blue and peach. These two colors form a triadic combination, with the royal blue creating a bold sensation, balanced perfectly with peach’s playfulness. This color combo is ideal for logo design or as accent colors for a web template or design.   

Hex codes: Royal Blue #00539CFF, Peach #EEA47FFF

2. Blue & pink (classic)

Combining blue and pink creates a nice balance. Where pink often has a softer, spring-like pastel aesthetic, blue has hints of maturity — creating duality in the color combination. 

Hex codes: Blue #2F3C7E, Pink #FBEAEB

3. Charcoal & yellow (classic)

Charcoal and yellow (or black and yellow) is one of the most frequently used color combinations. These two colors wonderfully complement one another due to their high contrast. This combination would work well for logo design or a branded product label. 

Hex codes: Charcoal #101820FF, Yellow #FEE715FF 

4. Red & yellow(classic)

Next on the list is the bold and vibrant color combination, red and yellow. This complementary color combo is the embodiment of cheer. Reimagine this classic ketchup and mustard color pairing with a modern, pastel take by changing the tints from red to coral.  

Hex codes: Coral #F96167, Yellow #FCE77D

5. Lime green & electric blue (trending)

Lime green and electric blue convey energy and youth. When combined, these two bright colors work particularly well for logos and in fashion design.

Hex codes: Lime Green #CCF381, Electric Blue #4831D4

6. Lavender & teal (trending)

Lavender and teal is the quintessential color combo for all things aesthetically pleasing. This mature yet playful combination is often used in baby products marketed to parents due in part to their harmonious, earthy nature. 

Hex codes: Lavender #E2D1F9, Teal #317773

7. Cherry red & off-white (classic)

Cherry red and off-white is truly classic. This color combo gives you a fantastic duality and works well in both digital and print mediums. 

Hex codes: Cherry Red #990011FF, Off-White #FCF6F5FF

8. Baby blue & white (classic)

Another classic color combo known for its duality is baby blue and white. This serene combo communicates ease and trustworthiness, invoking the feeling of looking up at the sky on a sunny morning. Baby blue and white are the perfect color combo for brand colors in the healthcare, childcare, or non-profit industries.

Hex codes: Baby Blue #8AAAE5, White #FFFFF

9. Hot pink & cyan (trending)

Cyan can be a tricky shade of blue to pair, but the hot pink and cyan color combination really works. It’s bubblegum pop meets cyberpunk dystopia — a twist on the classic baby pink and baby blue. These bright, high contrast colors embody an excitement that is ideal for an alternative take on more playful brands. Think vape juice labels or scene/punk branding. 

Hex codes: Hot Pink #FF69B4, Neon Blue #00FFFF

10. Peach & burnt orange (trending)

Peach and burnt orange create an analogous color combination. The balance of these two colors is perhaps their best quality — making them ideal colors for lifestyle, event, or interior design brands.

Hex codes: Peach #FCEDDA, Burnt Orange #EE4E34

11. Light blue & dark blue (classic)

While muted to some, the light blue and dark blue color combination isn’t to be overlooked. This monotone pairing inspires professionalism and trust  — making the combo great for insurance agencies or banking. 

Hex codes: Light Blue #ADD8E6, Dark Blue #00008b

12.  Sky blue & bubblegum pink (classic)

Next, we have a beloved classic— sky blue and bubblegum pink. The playful and bright bubblegum pink paired with a cooling and cheerful baby blue communicates a wholesome adolescent joy. This color pairing is ideal for parenting brands, childcare logos, or children’s fashion, products, or toys.  

Hex codes: Sky Blue #89ABE3FF, Bubblegum Pink #EA738DFF

13. Mustard, sage, & forest green (trending)

In stark contrast to the above-mentioned cotton candy colors are the rugged and earthy mustard, sage, and forest green. These three colors come together to form the ultimate earth-tone color palette. These colors are perfect for natural brands and suitable for logo design, web design, product design, and packaging.  

Hex codes: Mustard #E3B448, Sage #CBD18F, Forest Green #3A6B35


  1. Fuchsia & neon green (trending)

Another high-energy color combo for the list is the bright, bold, and brazen fuchsia and neon green pairing. Similar to hot pink and cyan, fuchsia and neon green create a energetic vibe, making it ideal for fashion or the avant-garde. 

Hex codes: Fuchsia #EC449B, Neon Green #99F443

15. Pastel orange, peach, & custard (trending)

Together, pastel orange, peach, and custard create a creamy orange gradient dreamsicle. This combination is ideal for background colors for cosmetic or fashion brands who want a fun, yet ethereal feel.    

Hex codes: Pastel Orange #FFA351FF, Peach #FFBE7BFF, Custard #EED971FF

16. Raspberry & shades of blue (trending)

Raspberry and certain shades of blue create a cyberpunk, futuristic sentiment, without getting too loud. This muted take on a cyberpunk dystopia is more mature and luxurious, ideal for lifestyle brands, logo design, product design, and packaging.    

Hex codes: Raspberry #8A307F, Blues #79A7D3 #6883BC

17. Cherry red & bubblegum pink (classic)

Cherry red and bubblegum pink, like cherry red and off-white, form a fun analogous color pairing. This combo creates a surprising and gorgeous high contrast, which is great for bold product or logo design.

Hex codes: Cherry Red #CC313D, Bubblegum Pink #F7C5CC

18. Coral, spiced apple & peach (trending)

Coral, spiced apple, and peach come together to form a beautiful, warm color palette. This combo serves as a perfect palette for interior design, graphic design, and illustrations seeking to use warm undertones. Together, they communicate a cozy, feminine sentiment to the viewer.  

Hex codes: Coral #FC766AFF, Spiced Apple #783937FF, Peach #F1AC88FF

19. Light purple, mint, & butter (trending)

Together, these triadic pastel colors create a soft and inviting look. Both alone and combined, light purple, mint, and butter embody all things spring. This color scheme works best for logo design or product and packaging design. 

Hex codes: Light Purple #AA96DA, Mint #C5FAD5, Butter #FFFFD2

20. Forest green & moss green (classic)

These two different shades of green, forest and moss green, form a monochromatic color scheme ideal for sustainable nonprofits, cooperatives, and startups. These two different colors are natural and grounding, reflecting our relationship and perception of the outdoors and nature.    

Hex codes: Forest Green #2C5F2D, Moss Green #97BC62FF

21. Island green & white (trending)

Similar to forest and moss green, island green and white invoke a natural and grounding sentiment, but with a fresh and crisp take. They serve as good background colors for more holistic, minimalistic, or natural brands. 

Hex codes: Island Green #2BAE66FF, White #FCF6F5FF

22. Yellow & verdant green (trending)

Yellow and verdant green is a tasteful color combination. This color combo is great for logo, branding, and packaging for nature-focused companies like a plant nursery.

Hex codes: Yellow #FFE77AFF, Verdant Green #2C5F2DFF

23. Beige, black-brown, & tan (trending)

Beige, black-brown, and tan create a vintage Victorian aesthetic, perfect for standout coffee brands, craft beer packaging, or alternative food brands. When put together, these colors communicate a seriousness from the black-brown with hints of warmth and closeness from the beige and tan. 

Hex codes: Beige #DDC3A5, Black-brown #201E20, Tan #E0A96D

24. Royal blue & pale yellow (trending)

Royal blue and pale yellow pair gorgeously together to create a color combination that is both professional and inviting. The deep and robust blue partnered with a merry pastel yellow communicates stability, security, and trustworthiness — making them the ideal brand colors for the banking, fintech, and insurance industries.  

Hex codes: Royal Blue #234E70, Pale Yellow #FBF8BE

25. Blue, maroon, & indigo (classic)

Blue, maroon, and indigo form another gorgeous futuristic analogous color scheme. These shades of blue paired with maroon communicate the same serenity and trustworthiness found in  the color blue, with a twist from the inclusion of maroon. Consider this color scheme for any product or brand in the tech industry.      

Hex codes: Blue #408EC6, Maroon #7A2048, Indigo #1E2761


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