Metal Look Porcelain Tiles

Metal Look Porcelain Tiles
Metal Look Porcelain Tiles

Metal look porcelain tiles is one of these immaculate collections. Our unique crafting skills merged with the new generation printing technology helps refine every aspect of the tile to append a more realistic simulation. Not to mention the technical prowess of porcelain tiles that give this unique decoration more life!

CLIQSTOCK porcelain tiles collection has expanded to encompass a wide range of material effects. Our series of collections draw their inspiration from multiple natural surfaces and man-made surfaces too, allowing you to take the luxury of your to the next level.

Metal look Porcelain tiles for floor

Metal look tiles are a common home décor trend today, owing to their ability to add a contemporary industrial look, drama, and elegance to your space. This tiles are a great choice for both commercial spaces as well as domestic spaces, in kitchens or bathrooms, behind counters, or around the fireplace; this collection covers a broad range of applications.

Furthermore, Metal look tiles are an ideal choice for bathroom floors and accent walls and stand out with their unique visual impact, making them the point of focus. The beauty of these tiles is that they can be used to enhance any style, from traditional to modern, all thanks to the use of modern techniques that has enabled us to produce looks that were previously impossible.

Summon an urban look 

Lavish’s Metal look porcelain tiles collection recreates the iridescent and modern appearance of fascinating metals in all of its variants-styles, finishes, and tones- bringing to life looks that are characteristic of elegance and urbanity. Along with their unique metallic aesthetics, the added technical advantage of porcelain makes them resistant to abrasion and extreme weathering conditions. This makes them conducive to various application contexts and guarantees more years to the original aesthetics.

The modern touch of metal look tiles

Our metal look porcelain tiles collections consist of tiles that resemble ruined metals, rustic weathered metals, and oxidized metals, that conjure up interpretations of metals that have undergone the test of time. Moreover, this collection evokes nostalgia for oxidized metal’s weathered looks, as well as the allure of time-worn metals from the industrial era.

Manufactured using the latest digital porcelain printing technology, our collection is appropriate for all standard applications in both residential and commercial settings where vintage or modern looks with industrial touch is required. These tiles are bang on trend, and their realistic interpretations give them an opulent edge, adding an air of urban elegance to any space. Lavish’s metal look porcelain tiles are taking interior & exterior design by storm with their reflective appearance that brings drama to every space.

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