Frequently Asked Questions

Some of common Frequently Asked Questions

Which currency supported for payment?

Cliqstock is supported Indian rupee and US dollar only.

What is the mode of payment for buy subscription?

We have paytm for indian users and paypal for international users.(Paytm support netbanking, credit card, debitcard and upi payment)

Can we get a refund after purchasing the subscription?

No. You won’t get a refund. Once you paid for any package then you have to download the image. 

The file we see, can we get the original format?

Yes, you can get the file that you see. At bottom, you can see details of file like .tif, .psd, .psb, .jpg, .ai, .cdr, .eps – also file size is also mentioned in gb. Also you can check the original file from its centimeter measurement and cliqstock is supporting large files (up to 15GB) so you can use this file anywhere like stock photos, printing holding, tiles manufacturers, laminate manufacturers, textile manufacturers, advertisement banners, stock photos

Can we get the bill of subscription?

Yes, you will get a Tax invoice.

Once the image/file starts downloading and in between cancel then need to buy again?

No, you don't need to buy again downloaded images/files, once you have downloaded you can download unlimited times from cliqstock website and you don't need to pay again for downloaded images/files.

Can we download downloaded images/files after 28 days of subscription?

Yes, you can download all the images/files that you have already downloaded no need pay any extra 

How to search for specific types of images/files?

Cliqstock is providing two types of option for search image. First option is search by text, in this case you can use any related word which you need as per image required like for exmaple if you need flower images then you can search flower, if need god images then you can use word god, krishan, hanuman, if you need marble or slab tiles design then you can search marble, white marble, gray marble, texture marble etc.. Second option is search by images in this case you can use the image/photo of which you need.

What is the validity of stock photo, marble design, and tiles design subscription?

Right now we have kept as 28 days from the start subscription date and time.

what type of image/photos/files cliqstock providing?

We are providing high resolution stock photos, marble designs, ceramic tiles designs, laminate designs, textile designs with jpg, tif, psd, psb, ai, cdr, eps files and our platform is supporting up to 15GB of images/photos/files.