From Creative. For Creativity.

Cliqstock is the world's largest royalty-free picture and stock photography community. It is a global marketplace of the latest high-quality designs for Marbles, and Tiles, and not to mention the Laminate Designs, Stock Photos, Vectors and many more.Cliqstock was introduced to the stock industry in the year 2021 with the best collection of professional stock images. In this digital era, Cliqstock is setting quite a trend by providing the spectacular designs for Marbles, Tiles and Laminate. We offer millions of images, illustrations, and vectors across a wide range of genres and subjects at prices that anybody can afford. All the designs are handpicked for you to make an impact in this world with your ambience and digital business using our marvellous designs.It's as easy as entering a keyword into the search bar and pressing 'Enter’ or searching similar designs based on one design. Within moments, you'll have access to millions of handpicked designs.We believe, your imagination can drive your future. So let’s fuel your imagination and grow together creatively and innovatively.

Collaborate Brilliant Artists

We at Cliqstock believe in creating something unique and spectacular. Cliqstock empowers the creative and brilliant professionals of all the backgrounds from across the world to present their best work on our platform. Resulting in expand of our picture database, with hundreds of new stocks being added on a daily basis.hen you collaborate with Cliqstock, you are partnering with an innovator who will empower you in liberating both creativity and data to boldly revolutionize your business story.Cliqstock justifies “Of the People. By the People. For the People.”

Our Team

Our team is the core of Cliqstock. Today, our team is building and looking for the diversified individuals who have the hunger to manifest the unique creative ideas. The driving force of our team is our passion to push the boundaries of the art and offer world the opportunity to explore this art with complete flexibility.This is what we mean when we say, From Creatives. For Creativity.

Our Purpose

We aim to:

  • Beautify the world through our creative ceramic and laminate designs that will delight our customers.
  • Continue to be the unchallenged leader in the Stock Industry especially for the high-resolution images we provide.
  • Be the greatest collaborative platform for our customers and contributors to experience the best of the best designs.

As the great Milton Glaser said “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” Cliqstock strives for a big WOW!

Our Vision

  • To increase our profitability.
  • To be the leader and dominate the Stock Industry by introducing cutting-edge and high-quality designs.
  • To foster a healthy and productive workplace for our entire team who is the Pillar of Cliqstock.

Our Values

  • Commit to be Innovative: A dedication to creativity and quality. Cliqstock's first and foremost goal is to be creative. It distinguishes us and helps us achieve our goal of making our customer’s lives more gorgeous and elegant.
  • Integrity with Honesty: Everyone who represents Cliqstock, acts with strong ethics and truth. It is simply the best policy. We believe that transparency and trustworthiness are our essential business principles that gain the respect of our colleagues, customers, and the whole industry.
  • Inclusion and Diversity: We thrive by bringing the diversified and unique Designs, Life experiences, and Backgrounds together in a shared environment where everyone has equal opportunity, be it our amazing Collaborators, Customers or our Team.
  • Unremitting Enhancement: We have a never-ending strive for perfection. So, through gradual and revolutionary progress, we continually endeavour to enhance our quality of the images, customer services, internal processes, our skills, and overall organisational culture.

Our Services

Our Services

Download Photos

Once you have buy subscription and download stock photos then you no need to pay extra you can download photos unlimited times

Contribute Photo

Upload your creativity and earn with our easy-to-use platform. We are allowed to upload large files up to 15GB with high speed.


Make money every time your stock photo or design is downloaded. We have provided high speed downloads for stock photo.